2017 Mykro Magazine – Spring/Summer issue コリン・モーガン インタビュー翻訳 ②
次は、コリンのアクセントへのこだわり、『The Living and the Dead』の撮影裏話など。

For his breakout performance – as the eponymous young wizard in the BBC’s fantasy drama Merlin – Colin owned an English accent so convincingly that his burgeoning fan base couldn’t quite believe he was from County Armagh. What’s his secret to cracking an accent? The answer is, of course, a lot of talent, practice, and immersing himself in the role. „When I’m working on a character, the voice comes first, or initially the way they move, it all influences each other,“ he says. It’s a habit that’s seen him in good stead over the years. „Just like a runner training for a marathon, you need to do your training, listen to a lot of people, the way they talk and move, and imitate a lot because you’re working in the business of mimicry,“ he admits. It’s a case of muscle memory for me; I love accents, I love doing them, as many as I can, really.“

He’s recently been back on the box – fine-tuning his Received Pronunciation English – in the supernatural period drama The Living and the Dead. It’s a darkly written role about grief and holding onto the past, with no shortage of terrifying apparitions to hammer home the message. What was it like returning to the fantasy genre after a few years away? „It was weird because fantasy implies a story,“ he says. „For me, it’s all about the script and reaching into the character that I can inhabit.“ The actor gave his all to the role, including staying in accent throughout filming. „I didn’t plan on it at all on the first day, but after we did our first scene, it just stayed with me for the whole shoot. You are in costume, and even on your lunch break, you’re still dressed as the character. You’ve still got the long hair and beard,“ he explains, laughing. „You still feel it – the person and the voice are just part of it.“ So, in reality, not as odd as it sounds.“ It’s just so much easier, especially when you have a Northern-Irish accent. To try and go from that to an English accent from 1894 – they’re miles apart!“


彼は、最近テレビに戻り、超常現象の時代劇『The Living and the Dead』でRPイングリッシュにチューニングを合わせている。


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