2017 Mykro Magazine – Spring/Summer issue コリン・モーガン インタビュー翻訳 ④ 
ラストは、テレビドラマ『Humans』と『The Fall』に関すること、このインタビューの写真撮影に関すること、今後の活動予定、仕事とプライベートの両立などについて触れます。

A busy year it certainly was. Having played the lead in the mystery drama Waiting for You, he returned for the second season of the U.K. sci-fi drama Humans. There was tremendous pressure from the grey suits to live up to the first season, which was a surprise hit for Channel 4 – its biggest show in 20 years. „It definitely went up in scale, much bigger, much faster, lots of new characters, and more storylines,“ he says of the production. „I think fans will have loved the direction it went in.“ A third season looks like a shoo-in.

Then there was the closing chapter of The Fall. Over the course of the show’s story arc, critics and audiences endured the stuff of nightmares as Gillian Anderson’s detective hunted sadistic serial killer Paul Spector, played by fellow Ulsterman Jamie Dornan. Colin joined the show in season two as enigmatic detective Tom Anderson and reveals it was equal parts tension and anticipation during the filming of the endgame. „A pure page-turner! I couldn’t wait to get the next page of the script, and that says a lot about the writer’s skill,“ he admits. What was it like working with Gillian? „Just brilliant. Gillian’s a consummate professional, such a joy to work with, and she has a really good sense of humor. She had really heavy scenes. Bet she was just able to let go after filming.“ What about Jamie? „Absolutely brilliant. He’s had global success, and he’s exactly the same as when I first started working with him. He’s a real talent.“

If last year was good, then 2017 is looking even better. He’s in final talks on a number of projects, including another film that he hopes will start shooting in the early summer. Meanwhile, he’s attracting considerable attention from across the Atlantic. „There are a lot of exciting dramas happening, and right now, a lot of American things are coming through,“ he says.

Talks turn to the day of his photo shoot, which I suspect might not have been the most enjoyable experience for the publicity-shy actor. As it turns out, I am wrong. „It was brilliant! The guys were so good! „it was basically a group of people in a room with a camera, having a bit of a laugh,“ he volunteers, somewhat enthusiastically. He pauses to compose himself. After a few seconds, he continues. „Obviously, in any of those situations, it’s not a normal thing to be photographed. It’s not really second nature to me. So, anything that makes the whole experience relaxed, enjoyable and fun, that’s the key, and the guys really did that for me.“

It’s apparent he draws a red line between performing for his art and self-promotion – the latter he accepts as part and parcel of his profession. „I think it’s important to divide the line between your professional and personal self,“ he says. I press him further on how he finds the right balance between championing his work and maintaining a safe distance from media intrusion. „With so many shows on TV, there is a commitment in terms of publicity that wasn’t as strong as in the past. Yes, when you work on a job, it’s important that you’re proud of it and you want to support it. The other side of it is the nastier side, which can backfire on people.“ A diplomatic answer tempered with his signature frankness.

It’s nearing the end of the interview, but his last remarks remind me of something he said at the outset that nearly sums up the actor’s perspective. „Whenever I did theatre, I’d go in, do the job, go home and trust that the work we had done was enough. We didn’t need anyone’s approval, disapproval or opinions.“ In our current hashtag culture, it’s refreshing to hear someone completely unfazed by fame while somehow still managing to wear their sensibilities so lightly.

ミステリー・ドラマ『Waiting for You』の主役を演じ、イギリスのSFドラマ『Humans』2ndシーズンに戻ってきた。

それから、『The Fall』最終章があった。






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