EDGE コリン・モーガン インタビュー翻訳 ②
ここでは、話題がさらに広がり、ルパート・エヴェレット監督の映画『The Happy Prince』の出演話、ゲイの役を演じることについての考え、Netflixの大人気ドラマ『ザ・クラウン』の出演話、舞台作品についてなど、盛りだくさんです。

Liberating Process

EDGE: Did your process meld with Amstell's?

Colin Morgan: I've said this a lot before, and it's true: Simon is one of the best directors I've worked with. Everything he created before shooting and then maintained on set was special. We always did improvised versions of most scenes, and always the scripted version, too. It was such a creative and liberating process. That is exactly the way I love to work. And for a director to maintain that level of bravery, trust, and experimental play throughout the whole shoot stands as one of the most rewarding shooting experiences I've had.

EDGE: When I spoke with Rupert Everett about "The Happy Prince," he very proudly boasted about his ensemble. Can you speak about working with Rupert as he balanced wearing a number of creative hats?
私がルパート・エヴェレットと『The Happy Prince』について話した時、彼はアンサンブルにとても自信を持っていました。

Colin Morgan: Again, this was an extremely rewarding project to work on, and quite a similar relationship as with Simon in the respect that Rupert was the writer/director and Oscar Wilde is so personal to him. And then we also had many scenes together in front of the camera, so Rupert and me had a real 3D experience together. It was a long time in the making. I was on board, I think, two years before we actually got shooting, so I had a lot of time to work with Rupert and rehearse. He really inspired me, watching him wear all the different creative hats — such a challenging and difficult job/jobs to achieve, and he really excelled. Plus, we just got on very well.

Playing Queer Roles

EDGE: You haven't shied away from playing queer roles. Do you think we've moving closer to a time when a person's sexual orientation is of little consequence to the stories being told, or should it always matter? Or perhaps we need to continue to evolve as a culture for it to matter less or not at all...

Colin Morgan: That's a hard question to answer, I think certainly the shift in people's attitudes has changed considerably for the better compared to 40 years ago, but there will always be resistance to change and acceptance from individuals and groups whether it be sexuality, religion, race, gender - we're seeing it every day.

Evolution is, of course, inevitable, but if we can learn from the past as we evolve that would be the ideal. Unfortunately, we rarely do learn, and history repeats itself.

EDGE: You were featured prominently in one of my favorite episodes of "The Crown" ("Bubbikins") as the fictional journo John Armstrong. Can you speak a bit about working with on the show and with the great Jane Lapotaire?

Colin Morgan: I had an exceptionally good time working on "The Crown." Director Benjamin Caron, especially, was so prepared and creative, and made the whole experience so welcoming and inclusive. It was an incredibly happy set, with extremely talented people in every department, and I admired the ethos of the whole production and have no doubt that's a huge ingredient to its success, along with Peter Morgan's incredible writing.

I was also a fan of the show, and it was an honor to be part of the third season. And I can't say enough amazing things about Jane Lapotaire. We talked a lot in between filming, and I relished every moment of that.

EDGE: You've done a ton of stage work. Do you have a favorite role you've played onstage?

Colin Morgan: I've been so lucky with the theatre work I've done, to work with such special directors and work in wonderful theaters in London. I've worked at the Old Vic and The Young Vic twice each, and they're always special to me. Ian Rickson is a liberating director, who I love. It's hard to pick a favorite, because the roles have all been so different and presented difference challenges, but, most recently, doing "A Number," playing three different characters alongside Roger Allam and directed by Polly Findlay, was a really treasured experience, and I never tired of doing that show, every performance as challenging as it was.
お気に入りを挙げるのは難しいです、役柄が全て違うし、違う挑戦だったので、でも、一番最近の『A Number』は、3つの違うキャラクターを演じ、ロジャー・アラムと共演し、ポリー・フィンドリーの演出で、とても貴重な経験でした。


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