Audible Sessions コリン・モーガン インタビュー翻訳 ⑤

Robin: And how important is risk-taking for you in your career?
If you look for it. Are you looking to push boundaries?
Are you looking to do something that you think you can’t do?


Colin: My main rule would be to choose things that I’m afraid of, that I know I can’t do, that I have no answer for.
I love not knowing how I would do something, because I think it’s a really good starting point.


If you read something and you have a part and you go, “Ah, yeah! I know exactly how I’d do that. I’ve done that before,”…Where do you go from there? There’s no sort of exploration, in my view.

That you’ve kind of got all the answers, so you’ve sort of blocked off a collaborative approach possibly with someone who might be able to help you get somewhere you’ve never been before.

So I like to come across something that I really, genuinely don’t know how to do, which is scary. And that’s the place to go.

Robin: The day that you got the call saying that Merlin was going to happen, and I assume that was a big moment for you, did you have that feeling of dread, of “What have I signed up for, here? How am I gonna do it?”

Colin: Yeah, always. Every project, everything I’ve ever had, I’ve never really thought, “Yeah…gonna be able to do that okay.”
So, for any project I’ve done, there’s always that fear, that element of “I have no idea how I’m gonna do it. What if I fail?”


You know, it tends to be the negative things that you think about.
And then, when you get into it, you work with people and you get to see the team that’s there for you.
Because yes, you’ve gotta come and you’ve got to be prepared, but also, it’s not just you that makes the drama.


Yes, people see you on the screen, but a hell of a lot of people go into it there and once you realise you’ve got this network of people who, in this business, are so skilled and so talented and so nice as well that you start feeling a little bit more okay, that it’s not all on your shoulders.


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