舞台A Number コリン・モーガン インタビュー翻訳 ③

Looking back on the early days, when Merlin took off, he is thoughtful.

“You are not really equipped to deal with these things.
I was used to going into the theatre each day, doing the show and going home.
I still feel like that’s my job.
Then you realise that when you do other things, you have to be there for the promotion.
That was the big adjustment. I don’t enjoy it.”


There is nothing in Morgan’s background in Armagh, Northern Ireland, to suggest a glittering career as an actor.

But from a young age, performing with local drama groups, he knew it was what he wanted to do.

“I was just fascinated by everything in school productions, watching things, being fascinated by what was behind the sets. The idea of this mysterious world behind what you could see.”

“To this day, I get that childlike curiosity and excitement about being backstage-before you step on stage and everything changes.
You are on your own, completely, then in a second you are in the company of hundreds.
It’s an amazing transition.”


He adds pensively: ”I feel more comfortable on stage than I do off. That’s the weird thing.”

Morgan’s talent and determination took him to drama school in Glasgow; in his final year, he met Rufus Norris, then associate director of the Young Vic, who cast him in Vernon God Little.
モーガンの才能と意思でグラスゴーの演劇学校に入り、最終学年で、当時Young Vicのアソシエイト・ディレクターを務め、彼を『Vernon God Little』にキャスティングしたRufus Norrisと出会う。

He was off and running in an unbroken line of work that has taken in film-he recently starred opposite Rupert Everett in The Happy Prince-TV and the stage.
彼は、映画(最近では『The Happy Prince』でルパート・エヴェレットと共演)、テレビ、舞台と、一斉に途切れることなく仕事をした。

“I want to do that juggling act my whole life if I can.
I never want to be just the one thing.”



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