Audible Sessions コリン・モーガン インタビュー翻訳 ②
ここでは、コリンが『The Worldship Humility』の内容について解説してくれます。

Robin: And it is quite fun, this book that you’ve been reading, isn’t it?
Can you tell me a little bit about it, maybe set the scene of the world that exists in this book?


Colin: Okay, I’ll try.

There’s a lot going on.
You’re establishing a, really a whole set of new rules and a new system and a new world for this novel.
We follow mainly Yasmine, who is a petty thief, who is onboard a Worldship.


Inhabitants of Earth had to leave and established a series of worlds onboard ships in space, which are all kind of represented as nations.
You’ve got the Worldship Humility, the one that we’re based on, we’ve got other ones: the Worldship Abstinence, various other ones, and they’re all existing.

基盤となる「Worldship Humility」の他に、「Worldship Abstinence」、他にも色々あり、全て存在しています。

So we follow mainly on the Worldship Humility, following Yasmine as a petty thief on board, surviving, trying to score big, get money (which is in the form of credits onboard the ship), to go have fun, have a bit of a life.
我々は、主にWorldship Humilityをフォローし、コソ泥のヤズミンを追いかけたり、生き延びたり、高得点を稼ごうとしたり、お金を得たり(船内ではクレジットという形で)、楽しんだり、ちょっとした生活を送ったりします。

She’s originally from a place called the Elfors.
As the ship is constructed, I think, on 40 levels, the lower four levels are the place where it’s the darkest place.
It’s the slums, where people are underprivileged and unregistered, as everyone else is onboard, and aren’t policed, so the police don’t even go down there.


That’s where she’s from.
She goes up to the other levels, steals, brings the objects down, gets credits for them.
That’s her main story.


We also follow Sam Gobliniski, who works in one of the shuttles…so he’s in one of the docking stations like working for ships coming on and off.
And he’s a little bit of a, I guess you could call him like a bit of a nerd, or a bit of a geek, or a bit of a shy guy.


And again, he’s a bit like Yasmine in the fact that he’s a bit lost, he’s a bit looking for something more.
And you get the impression of that with a lot of people on the ship.


Those are the two sort of main people, I think, that we follow throughout, but as I mentioned before, you’ve got a whole host of other complicated, systematic, political issues going on as well, as well as very dark stories running along side it, too.

You’ve kind of got a mixture of, like, action, comedy, darkness, sprawling story; a sort of intrepid adventure.


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